“I am quite able to take care of myself. Definition and vulnerability – this is clearly not the outfit that I would like to try at least once. To see every morning in his kitchen a man, knowing that in the evening he will come here again … But then I found myself in a relationship that quietly became long -term ”. Writer and blogger Dani Fleisher about how love is seen from the other side.

1. Love is a choice that must be made every time again

There will be times when you will want to give you a person you love, according to physiognomy – from the heart – and then leave. At times, everything that you can see ahead is the mountains of the work that you need to do, the rolls of plastic garbage packets in front of you, and you will not be sure that you are ready for this.

2. Patience. Part 1

Admit that I am wrong, not very natural for me – especially (here is the irony!) when I understand that I am wrong. It is then that I decide that if you tune and pry it properly, it will fit and take the desired shape. Spoiler: Never.

3. Patience. Part 2

It is more difficult than admitting that I am wrong, there can only be one thing: to know that I am right and not say anything. My friends often tell me: “What do you want more – to be right or be happy?»Be right. Always and every time. Do not even think – I will choose to be right. I mean, I will choose “right and happy” if there is such an option, but if you choose from two, my natural instinct will say the first.

Therefore, I often find myself before the choice: how many controversy and resentment are worth being right?

4. My answer to their invitation is “no”, but what the hell did you not take me with you?

If some part of you firmly decided to never sit on his family holidays at the table next to his strange uncle Phil, who will wink at you all the time, this does not mean that the other part of you will not be offended by the fact that you are notinvited.

He must know that you are ready to suffer for him. And this is something yes. If love is not one divided suffering, then I don’t know what it is.

5. TS-s

You do not need to share with him every thought that appears in your head.

There is a difference between honesty and idiocy – find the line that shares them, and always stand on one side of it. If you look at me at least a little, then no one should have full access to what is happening in your head.

6. Closer

It turns out that when you trust someone your feelings, you trust him and with your whole body. Such sex is completely different. If I knew this before!

7. Can you hear me? I ignore you

Call or come to say this, https://www.kincaidfurniturebergen.com/2022/09/10/lectus-arcu-bibendum-euismod-quis-nib/ is not considered ignore. Not that I didn’t do that. Twice.

8. You are not allowed to understand how it comes to doing exactly what you need

I: You can do something for me?

He: No.

I: But this is very important for me.

He: OK, I’ll do it.

I: Okay, you don’t have to worry!

9. Not always in the offset is what you thought

Sometimes it is also important what you do.

10. What you do is important, but what you say is also important

Sticks and stones aside – some words hurt like a devil, and you will never take them back. But there are great words, and they need to be said more often.

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